Book Review: The God of Sno Cone Blue by Marcia Coffey Turnquist

Tweet When Grace thinks back on her childhood, she sees it split into two: the time before her mother got sick and died, and the time after, when the letters her mother wrote to her started to arrive. Before, even … Continue reading

Book Review: The Pieces We Keep by Kristina McMorris

Tweet It’s been two years since Audra’s husband died, but she can’t let go of her grief and move on. Especially now that her seven-year-old son Jack is having night terrors and difficulty at school. In a chance encounter, she … Continue reading

Book Review: Standing By by Alison Buckholtz

Tweet Alison Buckholtz never imagined she’d be the wife of someone in the military, so when she fell in love with and married a navy man, she found herself navigating an alien world. And when she and her husband, Scott, … Continue reading

Book Review: Rapture Practice by Aaron Hartzler

Tweet Aaron Hartzler grew up in Kansas City as the oldest son in a strict Baptist family. From early on he was happy to help as his mom spread the word to neighborhood children about the rapture, when Jesus would … Continue reading

Book Review: The Shape of the Eye by George Estreich

Tweet When George Estreich’s second daughter was born, the doctor commented on her almond-shaped eyes and wondered if she may have Down Syndrome. George and his wife didn’t think much of it because his mother is Japanese. But when tests … Continue reading

Book Review: Jerusalem: A Family Portrait by Boaz Yakin and Nick Bertozzi

Tweet Jerusalem was often a time of chaos and conflict during the years the state of Israel was being established in the 1940s. Communists, Zionists, Jews, Arabs, and British soldiers were mixed into a boiling pot that pitted brothers against … Continue reading

Book Review: Cat’s Foot by Brian Doyle

Tweet As a soldier, Cat loses his foot when he steps on a land mine. Years later after he is married and has two sons he goes on a journey to find his lost foot. Along the way Cat meets … Continue reading

Book Club Discussion: Remember Me to Harold Square by Paula Danziger

Tweet Last night twelve moms and daughters gathered for our February book club meeting. This is my book club with my younger daughter, Catherine, who is in 7th grade. Our hostesses planned a lively evening with activity ideas from the … Continue reading

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