Book Review: Cat’s Foot by Brian Doyle

Tweet As a soldier, Cat loses his foot when he steps on a land mine. Years later after he is married and has two sons he goes on a journey to find his lost foot. Along the way Cat meets … Continue reading

Book Review: Mink River by Brian Doyle

Tweet In Mink River, Brian Doyle melds Native American folklore, Irish storytelling, a host of quirky characters, and a little bit of the fantastical to bring a coastal Oregon town to life. The town is Neawanaka, whose residents get by … Continue reading

Book Review: The Grail by Brian Doyle

Tweet Not everything I read is for my mother-daughter book clubs, but keeping up with selections for those two makes it challenging to tackle a weighty book in the time I have left. Especially since my personal reading time is … Continue reading

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