Book Review: Tiny Infinities by J. H. Diehl

Tweet Swimming is the one constant Alice can count on when her family starts to fall apart. When she concentrates on the rhythm of moving from one end of the pool to the other she doesn’t have to think about … Continue reading

Book Review and Giveaway: Mama’s Belly by Kate Hosford

Tweet Today I’m reviewing a beautiful new picture book that’s great for parents who are expecting and who have an older child. I also have one copy of Mama’s Belly to give away to a reader in the U.S. If … Continue reading

Book Review: Hello Hello by Brendan Wenzel

Tweet Brendan Wenzel’s picture book, Hello Hello explores the animal world by making connections relating to size, shape, color and concepts that will help young children learn about the world around them. Wenzel starts off with a simple concept—two cats—one … Continue reading

Book Review: Armstrong & Charlie by Steven B. Frank

Tweet Charlie is about to start 6th grade when he learns that kids from a mostly African American neighborhood will be bused into his school and his friends are transferring out. His parents think it’s important that he stay. Armstrong’s … Continue reading

Book Review: Little Sid by Ian Lendler

Tweet Before Siddhartha Gautama became the Buddha, he was a spoiled young prince that everyone wanted to please. People gave him everything he could possibly wish for, but it didn’t make him happy. So he set out to seek happiness … Continue reading

Book Review: Guyku by Bob Raczka

Tweet What do you have when you write a poem that’s three lines long, a total of 17 syllables, and it speaks about something a guy would do? Guyku, of course. Bob Raczka, who wrote Guyku: A Year of Haiku … Continue reading

Book Review: Knock Out by K. A. Holt

Tweet Levi wants to be just like anybody else, but sometimes he can’t breathe well, and lately it’s been getting worse. His mom and older brother hover over him, wanting to keep him safe. His dad tells him to toughen … Continue reading

Book Review: I Am Loved by Nikki Giovanni

Tweet The art of an award-winning illustrator melds with the poems of an award-winning author for the picture book I Am Loved. Ashley Brian’s illustration are colorful, rhythmic, and they stand out as pieces of art in their own right. … Continue reading

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