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How Lists Are Created

Books make it onto the recommended list when I read a book that I believe moms and daughters will learn something from, find something important to talk about, or have fun reading.

You’ll find reviews for most of the books listed here; just click on the live link to be taken to a specific review. If a book doesn’t have a review, that means it’s been recommended by a club or a librarian, but I have not had a chance to review it.

Review Policy

Most of the book reviews at Mother Daughter Book have been written by me, Cindy Hudson. If there’s a guest review, it’s identified. Generally, I recommend books that may be widely available in libraries, but there are exceptions, depending on the topic. I check out books for review from the library, buy them at bookstores, and get them from publishers who send me copies to read. I always give my honest opinion regardless of how I obtain books for review.

My reviews focus more on the issues to discuss in mother-daughter book clubs instead of whether or not I liked the book. In my experience, finding a title that everyone likes is rare, and best-liked books don’t always lead to good discussions. My general philosophy is that if the issues are worth discussing and the book is fairly well written, it’s a good book club choice.

The age recommendations are often my own, and they don’t always reflect publisher recommendations.

Books are listed in the following categories:

Questions? Email me at info@motherdaughterbookclub(dot)com.


Book Lists/Reviews — 3 Comments

  1. Dear Cindy,
    No one I know had a closer relationship with their mother than I. Perhaps it was our closeness in age (she was only 23 years older); more likely it was her agelessness. Many of her friends late in life were my age, or even younger. It might have been her divorce when I was young that bound us together at the hip. My book “Pearl’s Party…and you’re invited” delves into how deeply I knew her and how much(as I learned after her death)I didn’t know. It’s not available in bookstores, but you can find it at Feel free to contact me for more info or if you want to do an interview.

  2. Hello,Cindy

    I am a writer who has been the co-founder of one book club, founder of another, and currently the member of a third, so I feel a strong kinship with your enterprise.

    Ida Bell Publishing, LLC, has just published my first book, “An Extraordinary Life: Josephine E. Jones.” Born in 1920, this South Carolina sharecropper’s daughter came to New York City in 1946 to work as a cook in private homes. By 1967, she was not only a Harlem activist, but the first black woman in management at a Fortune 500 company, then Standard Brands, now KraftHeinz. This biography of my mother is told mostly in her voice with my voice providing historical context.

    It is an American story, a Great Migration story, a New York story, a black family’s story, a mother-daughter story, and the story of a woman’s fight for creativity in the workplace.

    Please send me an email if you would like the publisher to send you a copy to review. Keep up your wonderful work growing readers.

    All the Best,

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