Book Review: Solomon’s Thieves by Jordan Mechner

Tweet Solomon’s Thieves is a new graphic novel that takes the reader back to medieval times and the story of the Knights Templar. The Templars came into being to protect pilgrims on their journey to the Holy Land. Over the … Continue reading

Book Review: The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott By Kelly O’Connor McNees

Tweet Louisa May Alcott is one of the most beloved literary figures in American history. Her book Little Women, has never been out of circulation, and it’s been adapted for the screen and stage many times. As Little Women is … Continue reading

Book Review: We Hear the Dead by Dianne K. Salerni

Tweet Maggie Fox and her sister, Kate, are just playing around when they pretend they can communicate with the dead. But soon their brother is digging up the basement and finding what may be a body, and people everywhere are … Continue reading

Book Review: Picture the Dead, Written by Adele Griffin, Illustrated by Lisa Brown

Tweet Jennie Lovell has suffered much tragedy in her 16 years. Her parents died, her twin brother was killed fighting in the Civil War, and now her fiancé/cousin has also fallen on the battlefield. The aunt and uncle who have … Continue reading

Book Review: Nissa’s Place by A. LaFaye

Tweet Ever since her mama left home two years before, Nyssa’s been adjusting to new situations. Not being with her mama all the time, getting to know her papa’s new wife, ignoring the comments of gossipy people in her small … Continue reading

Book Review: The Keening by A. LaFaye

Tweet When Lyza’s Mater dies of the flu in the pandemic of 1918, Lyza must figure out a way to keep her relatives from sending her Pater away to a place for people deemed crazy. He’s always been different, but … Continue reading

Book Review: City of Spies by Susan Kim and Laurance Klavan

Tweet During the early days the U.S. was involved in Word War II, Americans became obsessed with the thought that spies were among them, secreting away information that would aid the enemy and defeat the Allies. In New York, people … Continue reading

Book Review: The Heretic’s Daughter by Kathleen Kent

Tweet When hardship hits ten-year-old Sarah Carrier’s family, they move on a cold December day from their home in Billerica, Massachusetts to nearby Andover. They don’t know it, but they carry the plague with them, wrapped in the blankets her … Continue reading

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