Book Review: Cold Spell by Jackson Pearce

Tweet Ginny and Kai have grown up in the shadow of Kai’s grandmother’s fear of the cold and evil things that lurk outside her protection. They get around her disapproving glares by meeting on their building’s rooftop, where climbing roses … Continue reading

Book Review: I Wish I May by David Stahler Jr.

Tweet Thurston Pickering could certainly wish for a better life. Nobody notices him at school except for the bullies, who delight in making him miserable. His parents fight so much they stopped noticing him years before, except when one of … Continue reading

Book Review & Giveaway: Rags & Bones, Edited by Melissa Marr and Tim Pratt

Tweet One of the hallmarks of a classic tale is that it can inspire other writers to update it and bring a new perspective on the message it conveys. You’ll find a whole lot of great examples in a new … Continue reading

Book Review: The Journals of Petra Volare by Reece Michaelson and Pamela Jaye Smith

Tweet Calice lives on the island of Crete in Minos’s palace with her mother. She knows she must keep quiet about her true identity, she is Daedalus’s daughter, but she yearns to know more about her father and her brother … Continue reading

Book Review: Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm by Philip Pullman

Tweet Many of the fairytales that Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm collected and published in the 1800s are well known even today: Cinderella, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood. So why would anyone be interested in reading a … Continue reading

Book Review: Project Jackalope by Emily Ecton

Tweet Jeremy thought he was doing Professor Twitchett a favor by running errands for him after the professor and Agatha have a falling out. But when the professor disappears leaving Jeremy with what appears to be a jackalope and suited … Continue reading

Book Review: The Book of Wonders by Jasmine Richards

Tweet Thirteen-year-old Zardi is the daughter of the Sultan’s closest adviser. She lives with her family and Rhidan, a ward of the state since he was found on their shores as a babe years ago. Rhidan doesn’t look like anyone … Continue reading

Book Review: Tyger Tyger by Kersten Hamilton

Tweet Teagan Wylltson descends from a line of Irish travelers, wanderers who rarely stay in one place for long. Her parents have raised Teagan and her brother in one place, so she’s never met anyone else in her extended family. … Continue reading

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