Book Review: Spoils by Tammar Stein

Tweet What would you do if you won $70 million dollars in the lottery? For Leni’s family in Florida, it meant lots of spending on both selfish pursuits and worthy causes. Which is why it’s nearly all gone only seven … Continue reading

Book Review: Godless by Pete Hautman

Tweet If Henry Stagg would not have hit him, Jason Bock would not have been lying on his back staring up at his town’s water tower. And if he would not have looked up at the water tower, he may … Continue reading

Book Review: Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

Tweet Richard is not the kind of guy to make waves. He lives a normal life in London with a fiancée who tells him what to do and a good-enough job where he performs well even if he doesn’t distinguish … Continue reading

Book Review: How to Lose Everything by Philipp Mattheis

Tweet Jonathan, Sam, Schulz and Eric are doing what they normally do in summer, hanging out at the skate park, smoking, drinking and talking about sex. But when they hear about an abandoned house not far from their neighborhood in … Continue reading

Book Review: Beautiful Decay by Sylvia Lewis

Tweet Everything Ellie touches turns to mold and begins to rot. Even her own mother is afraid of her. At school she’s a freak and other kids avoid her like the plague until the day Nate shows up. From Nate … Continue reading

Book Review: The Watcher in the Shadows by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Tweet When Irene’s mother is offered a job in a remote Normandy village it seems like the answer to their prayers. Life has been difficult after her father’s brief illness and death at an early age. Irene and her family … Continue reading

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