Book Review: Jane and the Raven King by Stephen Chambers

Tweet   Jane knows something is up when she spots a squirrel packing a suitcase. Things get even stranger when she realizes that birds aren’t singing and all the wild animals seem to be leaving. As adults get more and … Continue reading

Book Review: Dogsled Dreams by Terry Lynn Johnson

Tweet Rebecca loves nothing more than to be out on the trail with her huskies on a sled. She dreams of leading a team in a race one day, and when her change comes, she really wants to prove to … Continue reading

Book Review: The Pony Whisperer: Team Challenge by Janet Rising

Tweet In The Pony Whisperer: The Word on the Yard by Janet Rising, Pia found an ancient figurine that helped her communicate with horses. Her new talent gained her both friends and enemies, as some people used Pia’s new ability … Continue reading

Book Review: Heart with Joy by Steve Cushman

Tweet Julian’s always been closer to his mother than his father. So when she leaves their home in North Carolina to manage a hotel in Florida for her parents, he knows there’s more to the story. Stuck at home until … Continue reading

Book Review: A Taste for Rabbit by Linda Zuckerman

Tweet Harry is a fox who lives in Foxboro during a time of deprivation. Winter has been harsh, and food is scarce. His brother, Isaac, leads the government, and while the two haven’t gotten along since childhood, Isaac is entrusting … Continue reading

Book Review: The Pony Whisperer by Janet Rising

Tweet Pia is feeling down about having to adjust to a new home for herself and a new stable for her horse, Drummer, after her parents get divorced. She’s worried about making new friends with the other kids who ride, … Continue reading

Book Review: Walter, the Story of a Rat by Barbara Wersba/Illustrated by Donna Diamond

Tweet Long before a gourmet rodent named Remy stole our hearts in Ratatouille, a bookish rat named Walter scampered into existence courtesy of author Barbara Wersba and illustrator Donna Diamond. Walter is special because—unlike any of his friends or relatives—he … Continue reading

Book Review: The Tale of Despereaux by Kate Di Camillo

Tweet After my mother-daughter book club read The Tale of Despereaux by Kate Di Camillo, one of the daughters sent in this review. If you like fantasy-type books about animal heroes, you will love the book The Tale of Despereaux. … Continue reading

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