Book Review: Jane and the Raven King by Stephen Chambers


Jane and the Raven King imageJane knows something is up when she spots a squirrel packing a suitcase. Things get even stranger when she realizes that birds aren’t singing and all the wild animals seem to be leaving. As adults get more and more distracted by the technology all around, Jane discovers the Raven King is behind all the weird events. He wants to take over the world, and Jane may just be the one to stop him.

Jane and the Raven King by Stephen Chambers introduces us to a strange world where animals can talk and humans are vulnerable to being controlled by cell phones, televisions and computers. Jane and a handful of other children are the only ones who resist falling under the spell. Led by an old blind man, who becomes a cat-like creature in the underworld, Jane and the others are intent on stopping the Raven King from taking over everything and using it for his evil purposes.

Imaginative and adventuresome, Jane and the Raven King creates a fantasy world where Jane has to rely on her wits and her desire to do what’s right to save everyone and everything she knows. She’s a strong girl who calls on her grandmother’s spirit to help her when she needs it. I recommend it for girls aged nine to 12.

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