Book Review: Wilf the Mighty Worrier Battles a Pirate by Georgia Pritchett

Tweet Wilf, everybody’s favorite worrier, is back after having saved the world from destruction by his evil neighbor Alan. This time Alan has another evil plan to destroy the world, and Wilf has to stop him. But first he must … Continue reading

Book Review: Metaltown by Kristen Simmons

Tweet Colin and Ty work in the small parts factory of Metaltown, a dark, cold place where even children who work are only one step away from starvation and homelessness. Lena’s father owns the factory and his word rules Metaltown. … Continue reading

Book Review: A Guide to the Other Side by Robert Imfeld

Tweet Baylor Bosco has a unique talent. He not only sees ghosts, but he can deliver their messages to loved ones still on Earth. His twin sister Kristina, who is also a ghost, acts as a go-between for Baylor and … Continue reading

Book Review: Pirates and Shipwrecks: True Stories by Tom McCarthy

Tweet Readers aged 9 to 12 are often attracted to stories about pirates and shipwrecks, and that may be especially true when those stories are about events that happened to real people. That’s the appeal of Pirates and Shipwrecks: True … Continue reading

Book Review: Survival: True Stories by Tom McCarthy

Tweet Some kids are drawn to history, some are not. But most are probably fascinated with real-life stories about events that happened to adventurers and regular people in days gone by. The Mystery and Mayhem series does a great job … Continue reading

Book Review: Fishbone’s Song by Gary Paulsen

Tweet Fishbone tells three stories about how the boy came to live with him in the woods, but the boy doesn’t know which is true. Maybe they’re all true. He only knows Fishbone is old, and he’s got a way … Continue reading

Book Review: Hundred Percent by Karen Romano Young

Tweet Tink is eleven and about to start sixth grade. Over the summer she grew a lot taller and had to start wearing a bra. Her best friend Jackie is still small, flat and, in Tink’s opinion, cute because of … Continue reading

Katherine Koller on Writing With Feedback From Her Mother-Daughter Book Club

Tweet     As a long-time member of several mother-daughter book clubs, Katherine Koller knows that girls tend to be honest with their opinions about what they read. That’s why she wanted her book club members to read her manuscript … Continue reading

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