Book Review: Truth or Dare by Barbara Dee

Tweet Lia counts on her four best friends to be there for her, just like they were after her mom died. But those relationships start to show cracks in the summer before eighth grade, and the divide gets even rougher … Continue reading

Book Review: Gabriel Finley & the Raven’s Riddle by George Hagen

Tweet In the old days, ravens and humans were friends and traveled together, communicating and helping each other. Then a rift occurred, separating the two forever, except for a lucky few. Gabriel Finley is one of those lucky few, a … Continue reading

Book Review: Coda by Emma Trevayne

Tweet In a future world, after a war that disrupted civilization as we know it, New York City recreated itself in a way to make sure it’s citizens would never rebel against the establishment. In this world music is a … Continue reading

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