Book Review: Upside Down Magic: Sticks & Stones by Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle, and Emily Jenkins

Tweet Nory has trouble controlling her magic. She can transform into a kitten, but she can’t hold the shape, so she ends up with the head of a goat, which makes her a koat. What she has is called upside … Continue reading

Book Review: The First Book of Ore: The Foundry’s Edge by Cam Baity and Benny Zelkowicz

Tweet As the daughter of one of the Foundry’s top executives, 12-year-old Phoebe Plumm lives a privileged life in her mansion at the top of the hill. Despite the gadgets and baubles that make life easier for her, she is … Continue reading

Book Review: Beatrice Bunson’s Guide to Romeo & Juliet by Paula Marantz Cohen

Tweet High school starts out rough for Beatrice Bunson. Her best friend lost a lot of weight over the summer and now hangs out with the cool kids. Life at home is chaotic as her older sister fights with her … Continue reading

Book Review: The Icing on the Cake by Deborah A. Levine and JillEllyn Riley

Tweet The girls from The Saturday Cooking Club are back with The Icing on the Cake, a new story that has them whipping up sweets in the kitchen and thinking about romance in their lives. Liza would love to see … Continue reading

Book Review: Cast Off by Eve Yohalem

Tweet To escape her abusive father, a wealthy Amsterdam merchant, Petra de Winter seeks refuge on a ship setting sail to the East Indies. She fears dire consequences when Bram Broen, the ship’s carpenter’s son, finds her. Instead, together they … Continue reading

Deborah A. Levine and JillEllyn Riley Talk About Cooking With Mom

Tweet Deborah A. Levine and JillEllyn Riley are the authors of The Saturday Cooking Club, a great series of books for young readers (see my review). They are stopping in at MotherDaughterBookClub. com today to talk about cooking with mom … Continue reading

Book Review: The Saturday Cooking Club: Kitchen Chaos by Deborah A. Levine and JillEllyn Riley

Tweet Liza and Frankie are a team, best friends since forever and great partners on school projects too. But when their 7th grade social studies teacher assigns a major project for teams of three, they have to expand their ranks … Continue reading

Book Review: Alchemy’s Daughter by Mary A. Osborne

Tweet Life for women in medieval Italy did not offer many choices, and girls who didn’t conform were looked upon with suspicion. So when seventeen-year-old Santina leaves her comfortable life to live with and learn from the local midwife, some … Continue reading

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