Tips on Starting a Family Book Club

Tweet When my daughters were young, reading books together was one of our favorite things to do as a family. Most often, my husband, daughters and I would snuggle up together just before the girls went to sleep, and either … Continue reading

Cindy Hudson Talks About Books for Two Generations of Readers

Tweet Today you’ll find me guest posting on author Kristin O’Donnell Tubb’s blog. I wrote an essay for Kristin about the need for books that can be read and enjoyed by two generations of readers. When you choose to read … Continue reading

Picking a Good Book Club Book

Tweet If you’ve ever felt pressured to pick the perfect read for your book club, particularly for the intergenerational challenges of a mother-daughter book clubs, you may want to check out my guest post at Booking Mama. Here’s an excerpt: … Continue reading

The International Mom Interviews Cindy Hudson

Tweet Judy Miller publishes a great blog for parents of children who were adopted from another country called The International Mom. She is also a columnist for the adoption network, Grown in My Heart.  Today she’s featuring a review of … Continue reading

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