Book Review: The Magnificent 12—The Call by Michael Grant

Tweet David MacAvoy—Mack for short—is an unlikely hero. He’s 12, picked on by bullies, and he has a phobia of nearly everything. Unexpectedly he finds himself under the protection of the school’s biggest bully and getting messages from strange old … Continue reading

Book Review: Hurricane Mia by Donna Marie Seim

Tweet The last thing Mia wants to do is spend the summer with her grandparents in their home on the Caribbean island of Bambarra. She was supposed to be at a camp with her best friend, but instead she’s stuck … Continue reading

Book Review: Nonna’s Book of Mysteries by Mary Osborne

Tweet Florence in the 1400s was a world center for painting and culture. But the guild tightly controlled who could be licensed as a master painter, and girls and women were not allowed on their list. Still, fourteen-year-old Emilia Serafini … Continue reading

Book Review: A Taste for Rabbit by Linda Zuckerman

Tweet Harry is a fox who lives in Foxboro during a time of deprivation. Winter has been harsh, and food is scarce. His brother, Isaac, leads the government, and while the two haven’t gotten along since childhood, Isaac is entrusting … Continue reading

Book Review: Solomon’s Thieves by Jordan Mechner

Tweet Solomon’s Thieves is a new graphic novel that takes the reader back to medieval times and the story of the Knights Templar. The Templars came into being to protect pilgrims on their journey to the Holy Land. Over the … Continue reading

Book Review: City of Spies by Susan Kim and Laurance Klavan

Tweet During the early days the U.S. was involved in Word War II, Americans became obsessed with the thought that spies were among them, secreting away information that would aid the enemy and defeat the Allies. In New York, people … Continue reading

Book Review: Resistance, Book 1 by Carla Jablonski and Leland Purvis

Tweet Paul and Marie Tessier live in a small village in southern France during World War II. While not officially occupied by Germany, Germans are all around them. They worry for their Jewish friend Henri. Then Henri’s parents go missing … Continue reading

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