Melissa Face and I Love You More Than Coffee

Tweet Mellisa Face’s essay collection, I Love You More Than Coffee, seeks to capture the conflicting emotions parents often feel: anticipation, joy, fear, guilt, and worry. Written for both new and seasoned parents, the stories are heartfelt and humorous. Here … Continue reading

Tori Eldridge Talks About the Mother-Daughter Relationship in a Bi-Racial Family

Tweet Tori Eldridge is the Anthony, Lefty, and Macavity Awards-nominated author of the Lily Wong mystery thriller series—The Ninja Daughter, The Ninja’s Blade, The Ninja Betrayed—and the upcoming dark Brazilian fantasy, Dance Among the Flames (out May 2022). She also has shorter works that … Continue reading

John Shay on How Panda Demick Helps Kids Learn About Coronavirus, Plus More

Tweet My name is John Shay and I live in Seattle, Washington. I am the author of a new children’s picture book titled, Panda Demick. I became a grandfather on March 13, 2020, two days after that the World Health … Continue reading

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