Book Review: Songs for a Teenage Nomad by Kim Culbertson

These reviews for Songs for a Teenage Nomad by Kim Culbertson were sent in by readers.

A Mother’s Review

Calle Smith never lives in one place long enough to call it home. While her mother runs from relationships, lonely Calle finds solace in music, creating a song journal as a way to cope with her uprooted life. Kim Culbertson’s intelligent writing provides insight into the longings of this fourteen-year old with heartrending emotion. Not only a must-read for teens, this book presents topics and ideas that make it essential for parents as well. The themes of growth, love and loss pave clear inroads to discussion topics for mothers and daughters. Keeping a song journal is something that can be shared by both generations as a way to more easily understand one another. A high school educator for over ten years and a parent herself, it is easy to see that Culbertson has an affinity for both young adults and parents. She lends encouragement for each of us to find our unique literary voice through the keeping of a song journal. I love her tag line: “What is the soundtrack of your life?” Songs for a Teenage Nomad introduces ideas to explore together through this inspirational story. – Ann F., Salem, Oregon

A Mother’s and Daughter’s Review

Both music and words flow beautifully throughout Songs for a Teenage Nomad, written by Kim Culbertson. The songs lead the reader into the story linking the past to the present and in so doing, build a fragile connection between a mother and a daughter. A secret creates a barrier between them, but as their stories unfold both mother and daughter experience their own rite of passage. Culbertson leans into the complexities of relationships in a brilliant way, and tackles the inner world of a teenage girl with a refreshing respect for the wisdom that lies there. I’m fourteen and my Mom is thirty-nine and we both loved it! We can’t wait for her next book! – Alice and Jaime Y., Nevada County, California


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