Book Review: Screenwriting for Teens by Christina Hamlett

Reader Marci W. from Maui, Hawaii sent in this review:

Screenwriting for Teens, The 100 Principles of Screenwriting Every Budding Writer Must Know, is an in-depth, yet easy to read book for writers of all ages. Author Christina Hamlett motivates any promising screenwriter, with her humorous writing style and detailed, informative understanding of the craft. To call the book a complete how-to manual would be a vast understatement. At the end of each chapter, a section called Brainstorming, provides writing exercises to reinforce the core concepts introduced in the chapter. Also included, is a Look and Learn section that references films, television shows, books and websites that highlight the focal points contained in the chapter.

Offering more than just helpful hints for those with the dreaded “writer’s block,” Screenwriting for Teens is a comprehensive guidebook that covers all genres. Whether writing a Drama, Comedy, Action Adventure or Sci-Fi Film, this is the book to begin or develop your skills. It will be first on my recommended reading list for the Screenwriting Program that I will be offering at my local community college. Thanks a million, Ms. Hamlett, for your brilliance and encouragement, supporting all those with the courage and vision to put their pens to paper, move forward and to not give up!

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