E-Book Helps Parents of Adopted Tweens

Tweet As an educator, Judy Miller has helped scores of parents of adopted children over the years. So it’s welcome news that she has just begun to offer a new e-guide that deals with many of the issues parents can … Continue reading

Book Review: Why…Thank You! by Cat Wagman

Tweet Why…Thank You! by Cat Wagman is the perfect book to have on hand if you’ve ever been faced with the desire to write a heartfelt thank you note but couldn’t get beyond what you thought were trite expressions of … Continue reading

Book Review: My Teenage Werewolf by Lauren Kessler

Tweet Worried that she was losing touch with her teen daughter, author Lauren Kessler did what few moms would be willing to do: immerse herself in middle school classrooms, locker rooms and cafeterias, taking notes all the while to turn … Continue reading

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