Book Review: Why…Thank You! by Cat Wagman

Why…Thank You! by Cat Wagman is the perfect book to have on hand if you’ve ever been faced with the desire to write a heartfelt thank you note but couldn’t get beyond what you thought were trite expressions of gratitude.

You may be tempted to believe that written thank you notes are not necessary in this digital age at all, but there are still many occasions when the old-fashioned written missive is still the way to go. That’s where Wagman’s handy little guide shines. With tips that advise on when to write a thank you note, and how to trigger your own “Creative Catalyst,” Wagman helps you take the stress out of looking at a blank note and wondering what to write. She even has examples of thank you notes that could be written for different situations, for both children and adults.

You’ll also appreciate Wagman’s tips on keeping track of notes you need to send, and her premise that writing thank yous can be fun. This book can easily serve as your thank-you-note go-to guide for years to come.

The author provided me with a copy of this book to review.

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