Review: Where Do Ocean Creatures Sleep At Night?

where do ocean creatures sleep at night cover image

Curious children want to know: What happens to things that live in the ocean when its time to sleep? A picture book by Steven J. Simmons and Clifford R. Simmons satisfies that curiosity in their book, Where Do Ocean Creatures Sleep At Night?

The book covers some widely recognized sea life, like stingrays, which burrow in sand and keep their bodies flat and hidden. And clownfish, like Nemo and his dad, that rest in anemones, which are poison to other fish. Also, whales nap near the surface, where they can take in air from their blowholes.

I have to admit I didn’t know where ocean creatures sleep either, and so I discovered things I didn’t know too, which in my opinion makes for a great picture book that adults like to read. For instance, I learned that an octopus can sleep by day or night. It hides in a hole and sometimes it changes color, but it’s not understood why. Also, a parrotfish sleeps in a mucus cocoon it makes each time it sleeps.

Illustrations by Ruth E. Harper are muted and soothing, perfect to give the impressions of creatures ready for bed, including children.

The publisher provided a copy of this title in exchange for my honest review.

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