Review: You Are a Little Seed by Sook-Hee Choi

You are a little seed cover image

If you’re looking for a sweet picture book with tender drawings that capture the joy of life beginning, look no further than You Are a Little Seed. Written and illustrated by Sook-Hee Choi, the book shows different types of seeds and the flowers they grow into.

Some seeds are light and fluffy and blow in the wind, like those of a dandelion. Some are ugly and wrinkled, but they turn into sweet-smelling lilacs. Some, like lotus flowers, release their seeds from pods.

The book ends by says, “Yes, you are a seed, too — with a flower in your heart.” The illustrations are colorful and soothing and show lots of children looking at the seeds then interacting with the flowers that bloom from them.

You Are a Little Seed is a great book for bedtime reading, when it is sure to delight both parents and children.

The publisher provided a copy of this title in exchange for my honest review.

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