Book Review: Up on Bob by Mary Sullivan

Up on Bob

Up on Bob with words and pictures by Mary Sullivan is a cute picture book that captures the relationship between a good-natured wiener dog and the kitten that just won’t leave him alone.

Bob loves his nap. But before he can get to sleep he’s got to create the perfect setting: a fluffed pillow, a scrunchy comforter, and a sunny spot next to the window. Just when everything is perfect, though, he feels Someone watching him. If he pretends to sleep, he reasons, maybe Someone will go away. Instead, Someone pounces and begins to knead and prod Bob until he’s the perfect setting for a nap.

Bob and Someone are adorable in the emotions they show, their facial expressions, and their relationship with each other. Anyone with a cat or dog or both or none will fall in love with this cute duo.

The publisher provided me with a copy of this title in exchange for my honest review.

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