Book Review: Mystery Club by Davide Cali and Yannick Robert

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Kyle loves a mystery. He even runs a blog from his home in London about how to solve them. The trouble is, he isn’t sure how to find mysteries to solve. Then a man shows up asking him to find out why people in London are turning into werewolves, and Kyle is on the case. With the help of his friends, he’ll spend time in the London Library and head out to do field work before cracking the mystery.

Mystery Club: Wild Werewolves and Mummy Mischief by Davide Cali and Yannick Robert is a great graphic novel double mystery for young readers aged 7 to 10. Kyle and Zoey start the club, then enlist help from Ashley and Tyler. As a group they all search for clues before figuring things out. Once they do, another mystery begins when they find out they’ve made an enemy who is determined to stop them from solving future cases.

When the group forms the mystery club and holds its first meeting, they find out about a strange sighting of a mummy on the subway. This case is a bit trickier for the junior sleuths, but after spending a night at the British Museum, they figure out why mummies keep appearing and disappearing.

The graphics for both stories are colorful and fun, and the mysteries are cleverly solved while the club members are doing the things they love the most.

The publisher provided me with a copy of this title in exchange for my honest review.

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