Book Review: Priscilla Gorilla by Barbara Bottner and Michael Emberley

Priscilla Gorilla cover image“When Priscilla turned six, her dad gave her a book called All About Gorillas. They read it a million skillion times!”

So starts Priscilla Gorilla, a book about an inquisitive, lively young girl who learns a lesson or two about how to get along in school as she plays out her fascination with gorillas.

Author Barbara Bottner deftly captures both the joys and challenges of being the parent or teacher of a six year old. When Priscilla, like lots of kids her age, focuses on gorillas, she wants to know everything about them. She also wants to look like one and act like one. Illustrator Michael Emberley portrays Priscilla’s flair for life perfectly, showing her drawing with her toes, wearing gorilla pajamas, swinging from a bookcase, and practicing a gorilla dance.

The trouble for Priscilla is, her outsize personality gets her in trouble with her teacher, who often has to send her to the Thinking Corner. Before long, she’s encouraging her classmates to act as she does, and most of them also end up in the Thinking Corner. That’s when Priscilla starts to realize that instead of making trouble, she’d like to cooperate.

In the end, a special trip lets all the classmates and the teacher have fun while appreciating what they learned from Priscilla.

Young readers aged 4 to 7 and their parents will fall in love with Priscilla Gorilla and one little girl’s quest to have a great time while she learns.

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.



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