Mother-Daughter Book Club Idea—Go on a Field Trip

Hooray for field trips! Everybody loves field trips, and you don’t have to let the fun be limited to classrooms. Scheduling one or two events each year for your mother-daughter book club, or even any mother-daughter pair, lets you find different ways to connect. And here’s another plus for planning your own field trip: you don’t have to ride a school bus to get there.

Here are a few ideas for places to go and things to do that can deepen your appreciation for a book and each other.

  • See a new-release film version of a book you read.
  • Visit an ethnic restaurant related to food featured in a book.
  • Attend a play adapted from a book.
  • Look for a museum in your area related to something you read. Who knows what quirky thing you’ll find?
  • Travel to a historical site from the time featured in a story.
  • Go see an author appearing at your local library or bookstore.

Once you start talking about possibilities, you’ll probably come up with lots more ideas of your own.

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