Book Review: The Map to Everywhere by Carrie Ryan and John Parke Davis

The Map to Everywhere cover imageMarrill is looking for adventure when she spies an old-style wooden ship sailing in the parking lot near her home in the desert. Going aboard, she meets a wizard and is swept off into the pirate stream, a magical body of water that touches many worlds. She despairs of ever finding her way home until the wizard tells her about the Map to Everywhere, which can show her where she wants to go.

Fin is a forgettable boy left in an orphanage years before. He longs to find his mom, and he believes the map will help him. When Marrill and Fin meet they become friends and decide to find the map together. The race is on as an oracle, a wizard clad in iron, and a ship full of pirates are determined to get the map first.

In The Map to Everywhere, authors Carrie Ryan and John Parke Davis have created a world that is both inventive and entertaining. The details of the pirate stream and the worlds it touches are original and captivating. Marrill and Fin move from one adventure to another on their quest, and readers get a wild ride along the way.

This first book in the series is fun, and it ends in a way that is satisfying yet compelling enough to get young readers eager to read the next book.

My (college-age) daughter recommended I read and review her copy of this book. She loved it and so did I. When more than one generation of readers like a book, I believe that makes it a great book for mother-daughter book clubs. I recommend it for groups with girls aged 8 to 13.

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