Book Review: Peter Panda Melts Down by Artie Bennet, Illustrated by John Nez

Peter Panda Melts Down cover imagePeter Panda is a typical toddler, happy one minute, throwing a tantrum to get what he wants the next. That’s part of what makes Peter Panda Melts Down such a great picture book for parents to read with their young children. They can see themselves in Peter’s situations, and maybe laugh a bit about all the drama.

As Peter and his mom go about their daily lives, they do things like go to the grocery store, visit the library and stop by the playground. At each stop, Peter is happy for a while, but then when something happens like he drops a toy in the car, or asks for sweets he can’t have at the grocery store, or has to leave the playground, he melts down. Mama Panda is very patient…most of the time. Author Artie Bennett has captured the ups and down that make getting through days with a toddler so difficult sometimes, and he’s done it with humor.

Reading the book is a great way for parents and kids to look at all those situations during calm moments and possibly talk about what to expect the next time they happen. Illustrations by John Nez do a great job of capturing the expressions to go along with the emotions expressed in each setting. It all comes together to make Peter Panda Melts Down a book to read again and again.

The author gave me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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