Book Review: Colors and Opposites by Xavier Deneux

TouchThinkLearn Colors cover image

Chronicle Books has introduced two board books to TouchThinkLearn, it’s wonderful series for toddlers. Opposites helps little ones learn the concept of how things relate to one another. For instance, a kitten is shown at the top of a ladder to demonstrate high, and a mole is shown underneath the ground to illustrate low. Some of the other opposites portrayed include outside/inside, night/day, big/small, and heavy/light.

Colors shows bright vibrant colors while also showing familiar things that may portray them. For instance an apple is red, a teddy bear is brown and a leaf is green.

Several features make these books great for kids. First, the pages are sturdy and thick, so little fingers can turn the pages over and over without tearing them. Second, the illustrations are cut out, with one page showing the raised shape that looks cut from the other. In the apple example I talked about above, the left hand page has a raised apple shape with leaves and a stem drawn on, while the right hand page shows a cut-out space where the apple would be. You still see leaves and a stem above the shape, and the cut out shows apple seeds. In the Opposites book, a full black left-hand page has a raised white crescent moon shape to show night, while the right-hand page is white with a round yellow cut out to show day. TouchThinkLearn Opposites cover image

The illustrated shapes are compelling to look at and to touch. The books are recommended for ages 3 and up, but moms and dads can have lots of fun holding their babies and letting them touch the die-cuts while talking to them about what’s shown on the page. These books will definitely be at the top of my gift list for anyone who is having a baby.

You may want to look at this YouTube video that shows kids interacting with the books that will give you an idea of what they look like.

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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