Book Review: The Darlings in Love by Melissa Kantor

The Darlngs in Love cover imageIn The Darlings Are Forever, Jane, Victoria and Natalya, who have been friends for years, were separated  for the first time in years when they left the school they attended until 8th grade and each went to different high schools.

The Darlings in Love by Melissa Kantor continues the saga of their freshman year, this time looking at how each girl approaches being in a relationship with a boy. Jane is headstrong and confident, and she pursues Simon even though he gives off mixed signals about what he really wants. Natalya is a bit more reserved, and she’s a little unsure of how to approach the wealthy people she’s surrounded by since she got her scholarship to a prestigious private school. Colin is one of those. While they seem so at ease when they are with each other, she’s not sure she can ever fit into his upscale lifestyle. Victoria is not afraid to let Jack know she loves him, but she wonders if they really have enough in common to hold them together.

Together the girls help each other navigate the often-confusing waters of first-time love. How do you interpret the signals you’re getting from a guy about your relationship? Do you give up after the first sign of trouble, or do you try to fix the problem? What happens is a guy tells you he likes you, but he’s dating someone else? What if you find out he likes someone else more than you?

These and other issues are sure to be on the minds of girls who read The Darlings in Love, and Kantor keeps each personality true to itself as she helps her characters figure out the answers to their own questions. Through it all, Jane, Natalya and Victoria have each other to lean on during the rough times and to celebrate with during the good times. I recommend The Darlings in Love for girls aged 11 and up.

The author provided me with a copy of this book to review.

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