Yummy From A to Z by Sparrow Promotes Alphabet and Art

If you like combining art and reading, then a new children’s book by Canadian artist Sparrow called Yummy from A to Z is sure to get your attention. For each letter of the alphabet, Sparrow has created a tasty character, with names such as Vivacious Vivian Vanilla Wafer and Kiki Key Lime Pie. Each of these tasty characters is drawn in a setting that emphasizes other items that begin with that letter as well. For instance, Yummy Yolanda Yogurt has adventures with a Yammering Yak and some yellow yarn among other things.

The illustrations have a beautiful, soft quality that comes from a technique Sparrow says she stumbled upon while creating a painting one day. Parents can turn Yummy from A to Z into an interactive reading experience by downloading free coloring pages of the book from the website. Kids should have fun coloring the characters they are hearing about, and since the coloring pages come as a PDF file to your computer, you can print more off each time you read the book.

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