Discussion Questions for A Match Made in High School by Kristin Walker

My mother-daughter book club met a couple of days ago to discuss A Match Made in High ScA Match Made in High School imagehool by Kristin Walker. (See my previous review.) We had a lively discussion about everything from friends and social circles, to judging people based on superficial assessments, to cheerleading, to marriage, to pranking and more. We kept our discussion on track with a list of questions provided by the author. You may benefit from using the questions too. Just keep in mind that some of the questions reveal what happens in the book, so you may not want to look them over until you finish reading the book.

A Match Made in High School Discussion Questions

1. One of the themes I tried to emphasize was the idea that people are more than what they seem on the surface, more than their stereotype or the label we’ve given them. Which characters show this? What about the adult characters?

2. Marriage is such a hot topic these days. Many people seem to draw specific boundaries around which kind of relationships qualify as marriage and which don’t. I tried to illustrate some of the various forms that relationships and marriage can take. Can you identify them? Do you feel they fit the criteria for marriage? What about the marriages that failed?

3. Drawing forward from the previous question, what about gay marriage? I tried very hard to address the topic with the subplot of Uncle Tommy, as well as with the POMME mothers. In what ways does Uncle Tommy’s relationship mirror or differ from other relationships in the book?

4. I’ve caught some flack for deviating from the normal formula for a romance novel by not having Fiona end up with Todd. My intent was to prove that the quiet, overweight loner can get the girl. Did you like that? Or did it make you mad that Fiona and Todd never got together?

5. Many people have found Fiona to be unlikable at the beginning, but I had to make her that way in order to show her growth and change over the course of the book. In what ways did she change? Where do you think the turning point was?

6. How did you feel about the mother-daughter relationship between Fiona and her mother, Vivian? In what ways did they work toward the same goal?


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