Book Review: More Bears! Written by Kenn Nesbitt and Illustrated by Troy Cummings

More Bears imageKenn Nesbitt is a master storyteller for kids. If you’re familiar with his silly rhymes and wacky poetry, and even if you’re not, you’ll want to check out his book for the youngest readers, More Bears!

The book opens with an author writing a children’s book when he hears children’s voices call out to him to add more bears to the story. Resisting at first, he soon gets into the mood of adding more bears. Pretty soon he’s got bears doing everything from strumming ukuleles and surfing the waves to riding ponies.

Before you know it there are too many bears, and the author wants to expel them from his story. More Bears! is full of repetition, counting, colors, rhymes and so many things children will love to have read to them over and over. The good news is, parents won’t get tired of obliging them. Illustrations, by Troy Cummings, are fun, and you and your child will enjoy matching each written-about bear to the drawing. The premise that children can influence what an author writes should be fun for kids to contemplate too. I highly recommend it for the littlest ones in your life and all the other little ones you know.


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