Books Help You Talk To Your Teen About Important Life Issues

I remember when my first mother-daughter book club read a book that dealt with teen sex. The moms were pretty freaked out, thinking our 13-year-old daughters were too young to read about kids just a few years older than them having sex. But we soon realized our daughters really wanted to know what their moms thought about it. They would have never brought it up on their own, but when we talked about what the characters in a book did, it was somehow safe to discuss.

Once we got past that initial stumbling block, it really opened the door for our club to read about many things the girls had questions about. I like to think they were better prepared when they encountered some of the issues we discussed in their own lives. Today I’ve posted a guest blog about how reading books helps us connect with our daughters on many important issues of life. You can find it at Helping Moms Connect.

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