Book Review: Walter, the Story of a Rat by Barbara Wersba/Illustrated by Donna Diamond

Long before a gourmet rodent named Remy stole our hearts in Ratatouille, a bookish rat named Walter scampered into existence courtesy of author Barbara Wersba and illustrator Donna Diamond. Walter is special because—unlike any of his friends or relatives—he discovered at a young age that he knows how to read. And as any of us who truly love books can easily attest, once you start reading, it is impossible to ever stop. Fortunately, Walter has taken up residence in the Long Island house of Miss Pomeroy, a lonely woman who just happens to be an author. Over the course of 60 pages—combined with a smattering of priceless pen and ink drawings—the author weaves a gentle tale of friendship in which these two unique souls come to be aware of one another. I started reading this enchanting tale myself one evening at the dining room table while my husband was cooking dinner and I kept interrupting him so often with the charming turns of phrase that he finally suggested I read it out loud to him. To date, it remains a favorite story to both of us and I have subsequently bought many copies for young people—and adults!—who would appreciate Walter’s honesty, simplicity, curiosity and kindness. – Christina H., Pasadena California

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