The Pleasure of Reading Kids’ Books as an Adult

Tweet My non-mother-daughter-book-club friends are often surprised when I say I really like reading the same books my daughters do. They’re inclined to think that anything that appeals to kids and teens can’t possibly hold the interest of adults. Nothing … Continue reading

Losing Book Club Members: How to Respond?

Tweet If your book club meets long enough, you are likely to lose members. My mother-daughter book club recently faced this situation when we lost four of our 10 members in quick succession. Two moved away, and two decided to … Continue reading

Discussing North of Beautiful by Justina Chen Headley

Tweet Discussing North of Beautiful by Justina Chen Recently the moms and 15-year-old girls in my mother-daughter book club gathered together at my home to talk about North of Beautiful by Justina Chen. My daughter Catherine and I had recommended … Continue reading

Books Help You Talk To Your Teen About Important Life Issues

Tweet I remember when my first mother-daughter book club read a book that dealt with teen sex. The moms were pretty freaked out, thinking our 13-year-old daughters were too young to read about kids just a few years older than … Continue reading

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