Book Giveaway & Review: This Book Is Gray by Lindsay Ward

Giveaway: I have one copy of This Book Is Gray to give away courtesy of Two Lions (U.S. addresses only, please). For a chance to win, just leave a comment about your favorite gray thing in life. Mine is our family kitty, a gray tuxedo with lots of personality.

Be sure to comment by midnight (PST), on Saturday, January 18, 2020 to be entered into the drawing. Please note: The giveaway is closed. Congratulations to Wendy on winning.

Review: Gray just wants to help, but she’s always getting left out. The primaries—Red, Blue, and Yellow—have so much fun coloring that they don’t want to let dull, gloomy Gray play with them. So she decides to create her own story about a hippo, a wolf, and a kitten, all gray animals, of course. When the other colors find out, they want to join the action. But that’s not what Gray has in mind at all.

This Book Is Gray by Lindsay Ward introduces children to concepts about color while also telling a great story about inclusiveness and diversity. A Color Glossary on the inside front cover helps kids identify achromatic colors like black and white, primary colors, secondary colors, complementary colors and other terms.

Wards illustrations are playful and surprisingly colorful for a book named This Book Is Gray. The color comes from the characters who show up in Gray’s book wanting to change the story line. There’s lots of fun to be had by both parents and their little ones from multiple readings.

Here’s a little bit more about the author: Lindsay Ward is the creator of the Dexter T. Rexter series as well as Brobarians, Rosco vs. the Baby, and The Importance of Being 3. Her book Please Bring Balloons was also made into a play. Lindsay lives in Peninsula, Ohio, with her family. Gray is one of her favorite colors. Learn more about her online at @lindsaymward

The publisher provided me with a copy of this title in exchange for my honest review.

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Book Giveaway & Review: This Book Is Gray by Lindsay Ward — 4 Comments

  1. Being a teacher I am always looking for ways to talk about inclusion. This book sounds like a great way to weave educational vocabulary in a social lesson. Maybe every teacher should have a copy.

  2. Look forward to checking out the book. I love the idea of giving children more information about color. Just saying, don’t like grey. Never have liked grey. Bought some furniture. Contrary to what some folks say, it isn’t grey, it’s taupe. ;). And the grey kitty purring beside my head now is of course my favorite grey in the house.