Book Review: The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid by Kirk Scroggs

The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid cover image

Russell isn’t like the other kids at Houma Bayou Middle School. For one thing, he’s green. And his hair is like duckweed. Plus, he’s got webbed toes and a carrot growing from his finger. As a baby, he was found in the swamp and adopted by a local couple, but no one knows where he came from. When he starts seeking answers, suddenly he notices mysterious men watching his every move. Will he ever find out the secrets of the swamp and tune into his connection with it?

The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid introduces a middle-school superhero whose special powers tend toward the vegetable side of nature. Fun and funny, the story unfolds through comic-book-like entries in Russell’s notebook. With the help of his friends, he ventures into the deep swamp for clues about his origin, which helps him discover his powers in the final showdown.

Kids aged 9 to 13 and up are sure to love this slimy green superhero. The book also has great “Boredom Relief Activities” in the back, which include lessons on drawing, a maze to navigate, and more.

The publisher provided me with a copy of this title in exchange for my honest review.

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