Article Highlights Trend in Adapting Classic Titles for Babies

A recent article by Julie Bosman for The New York Times looks at the trend in publishing these days of adapting classics into board books for babies. While some may scoff at the idea that babies would get anything from being read a version of Wuthering Heights or Romeo and Juliet, the “baby lit” books don’t really follow the story, rather they introduce typical baby book concepts, like counting, colors, shapes and more, while relating these concepts to the classics. Bosman asked my opinion of this trend, and I said that I think the important thing when looking at any book is the fact that it has the potential to bring parents and children together reading. If parents are attracted to buying these books because they are more interested in reading them to their babies than other titles, that can’t be a bad thing. Read the full article at The New York Times and see what you think.

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