Book Review: The Quest of the Warrior Sheep by Christine and Christopher Russell

The Quest of the Warrior Sheep imageSal knows all the prophecies from her favorite poem, “Songs of the Fleece,” but she doesn’t know much about modern technology. That’s how she misinterprets a cell phone falling on her head from a hot-air balloon as a struggle between the great Lord Aries and his nemesis, Lambad the Bad.

Under Sal’s direction, the sheep leave their farm near London on a quest to return the Baaton (cell phone) to the great ram with the golden horns where he lives in the north. That’s when the fun really begins.

The Quest of the Warrior Sheep by Christine and Christopher Russell will have you laughing out loud as you follow the adventures of five sheep and their human pursuers. One is sure they have been abducted and altered by aliens, two want to retrieve the cell phone and destroy incriminating evidence it holds, and Tod and Gran just want to get their sheep back.

These sheep have quite a few adventures, all resulting from hilarious misunderstandings by both ovines and humans. As the quest continued, I didn’t see how the story could possibly be resolved, but the authors serve up a satisfying ending for all…well, almost. You’ll have to read it to see. This is the first in what promises to be a delightful series aimed at readers aged eight to 12. I highly recommend it.

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