Book Review: The Pink Locker Society: Best Kept Secret by Debra Moffitt

The Pink Locker Society: Best Kept Secret imageThe Pink Locker Society is back up and running after being shut down in the first book of the series: Only Girls Allowed.

In this book, Best Kept Secret, Jemma and her friends secretly continue to answer questions that pre-teens and early teens have about the PBBs—periods, bras and boys. In addition to keeping their advice web going, the girls are also debating the modern implications of a “Sadie Hawkins” dance and it’s origins in giving unattractive girls a chance to find a husband. Bet, one of the four girls in the society, does a video segment for her school on what girls, boys and adults feel about the Backwards Dance, which is their school’s version of Sadie Hawkins.

Jemma also is trying to get up the nerve to ask Forrest, who she’s had a crush on forever, to the dance. But there’s conflict when Forrest shows interest in one of her friends. The Best Kept Secret keeps The Pink Locker Society series humming. Issues to discuss include Title IX and its effect on women in sports, how friendship can be affected when two girls like the same boy, and how traditions may evolve to keep up with modern realities.

Author Moffitt is the kids’ editor at Kids, so she really has her finger on the pulse of the kinds of questions girls ask and what they want to know more about. Answers to all the questions asked in the book are answered in the back, and more resources can be found at Kids This series is a good way for moms and daughters to broach topics that could otherwise be awkward to talk about. I recommend it for girls aged nine to 13 and their moms.

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