Book Review: Lymeria and Falcon’s Prey by Kristina Coia

Several readers sent in reviews of Lymeria and Falcon’s Prey by author Kristina Coia.

A Mother’s Review

I would like to tell you about Kristina Coia’s books, Lymeria and Falcon’s Prey. They are simply wonderful. The stories take you on  fascinating journeys into other worlds. From the first chapter the books grip you and do not let go. At the end of Falcon’s Prey, I found myself in tears, it was that moving. It is unbelievable that a 15 year old could write a story that is so gripping. The only bad part about her books was that they were not long enough, they were so good that I wanted more. I can not wait until she comes up with another adventure. I would take off into one of her worlds any day.

These books are safe for 9 years and up to read. I can feel good about recommending these books to my children and my family. – Lauren P., Blairsville, Georgia

A Daughter’s Review

Falcon’s Prey – I very much enjoyed this book because it included many adventures. I love fast-moving books and this was my favorite. It is very interesting. It was exciting as I read it and I couldn’t stop when I started. I told myself that I would put down the book at the next chapter, but the ending of the chapter I was reading, I just needed to know the result of it. It was a very exciting and it was great as a fantasy book for teens. This was a great book to read.

Lymeria – I enjoyed this book as well as Falcon’s Prey because it was again a fast-moving book. It was another great fantasy book because it related to other teens’ lives. It included magic, which interests readers very much. It included a little bit of romance as well as Falcon’s Prey that readers’ like. This book was very interesting. It was very exciting to read this book because it kept me interested in what the characters were doing. – Alexandria B., 12 years old

A Mother’s Review

Lymeria and Falcon’s Prey are two great books, which my thirteen-year-old daughter and myself thoroughly enjoyed. In today’s fast pace and real world these books give you time to sit back and enjoy a mystical and fantasy world allowing us to use our imagination. My daughter was disappointed at the end of the weekend when I did not have a third book for her to read. These books will certainly grab your interest and keep it from the first page to the last. We cannot wait for the next book to be released. – Sharon L.


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