Book Review: Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce

My daughters and I all love author Frank Cottrell Boyce’s books for young readers. Here’s a review my daughter Madeleine wrote for Cosmic.

An excellent book. I love Cottrell’s writing style, have enjoyed his other works, and am adding this to my new list of favorites. As with Cottrell’s other books, Millions and Framed, Cosmic is written from a child’s perspective, lending an interesting and unique outlook to all the events that take place. It is also an entirely original story, like nothing I have ever read before. While narrated by, and written for, a young boy, this cleverly written book can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. —  Madeleine H., Portland, Oregon

And here’s my review:

Frank Cottrell Boyce’s new book Cosmic can be appreciated on many different levels, which means both children and adults will enjoy reading it. Twelve-year-old Liam is constantly being treated as though he’s much older, simply because he’s tall and mature-looking for his age. Boyce sprinkles in many keen life insights beginning on the very first page when Liam says, “everyone lies about their age. Adults pretend to be younger. Teenagers pretend to be older. Children wish they were grown-ups. Grown-ups wish they were children.”

When Liam pretends to be a dad with a daughter who is actually his classmate just so he can win a contest, he finds himself off on an adventure he could have never imagined. He keeps his cool, learning how to be “dadly” by watching other dads and drawing upon lessons he learned playing World of Warcraft.

Liam’s innocent observations on human behavior are very funny and perceptive, and you’ll keep turning the pages to see where they lead to next. At it’s heart, Cosmic is a love story about dads—what it means to be one as well as what it means to have one. I highly recommend it.

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