Book Review: All American Girl by Meg Cabot

Light but enjoyable reading from the author of The Princess Diaries. Samantha is a typical, if slightly rebellious teen trying to find the place in her household as a middle child. Her older sister is a cheerleader and dating a guy Samantha secretly believes is her own soul mate. Her younger sister is a genius who attends a special school for super-intelligent kids. Sam tries her hand at rebellion by dying all her clothes black, but her biggest problem is making good grades in German class until she foils an assassination attempt on the life of the president while she waits for the family’s housekeeper to pick her up from art class. That’s when her life changes in ways she couldn’t really imagine.

All American Girl is a different twist on the theme of The Princess Diaries: What happens to an ordinary girl when something extraordinary changes her life. It’s a fun book to read while fantasizing about the big event that could change everything in your life.

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