Benefits of a Mother-Daughter Book Club

This morning I had the chance to speak about mother-daughter book clubs on a Portland television show, AM  Northwest. While prepping for the program, I was very focused on why moms and daughters want to be in book clubs together as well as the logistics of how to make it happen.

While there are probably as many reasons for being in a book club as there are moms and daughters in them (and I talk about quite a few of those reasons in Book by Book), after talking with club members all over the country I have found three overriding benefits:

  • Mother-daughter book clubs can help you stay closer to your daughter.
  • They provide a way to connect with the broader community around you.
  • They help your daughter develop her literacy skills, which can lead to greater success in school.

Each day during the rest of this week, I’ll highlight a single benefit and discuss it in detail. As I talk about each benefit, it would be great if any of you in mother-daughter book clubs add your own comments about your own experiences and list other benefits you see from being in your club.

Stay tuned!



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