Postertex: A Fun Way To Show Your Love of a Book

Postertext logoHere’s a website that lets book lovers hang their favorite books on their walls…sort of. It’s called Postertex. The brain child of Peter Kao, Postertex includes all the words of your favorite book designed around an image somehow related to the story. For instance, the words from the New Testament of the Bible wrap around the shape of a cross. The poster for Moby Dick shows an outline of a whale’s tail splashing down.

There are lots of titles to choose from, including some well-loved classics, such as The Wizard of Oz and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which features a profile of Alice along with the Cheshire Cat’s smile. I imagine these will make a great gift for book lovers you may know, and you may want to purchase your own favorites to display on the wall next to your own bookshelves.


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