Book Review: Ophelia’s Oracle by Donna DeNomme and Tina Proctor

Ophelia's Oracle imageFrom her Japanese grandmother, twelve-year-old Ophelia learns the stories of strong women from Japanese and Chinese legends.  From her horseback riding teaching, she learns the Celtic myth Rhiannon. The Greek goddess Artemis comes to her in a quiet moment. Through these stories of powerful women making difficult choices to be true to themselves, Ophelia learns to make difficult but empowering moments in her own life.

This is the story woven throughout Ophelia’s Oracle by Donna DeNomme and Tina Proctor. But the book includes so much more. Filled with self-examination exercises, poetry, drawings, and real-life stories of girls accomplishing big things, Ophelia’s Oracle is also a workbook for young girls and early teens.

There are lots of issues for moms and girls to discuss as they read through Ophelia’s story and work on the exercises, including overcoming fears, dealing with problems with friends, handling sibling issues and learning how to find peace within yourself. Ophelia’s Oracle has won several awards, including a Gold Mom’s Choice Award 2010 in the category of Young Adult Inspirational/Motivational. The authors also lead an ongoing mother-daughter group using many of the activities. More information can be found at

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