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Book Clubs Can Help Coax Reluctant Readers to Read More

Tweet If you’re worried that your daughter won’t want to be in a mother-daughter book club because she doesn’t like to read, don’t be discouraged. A book club can be a great place to nurture a love of reading for children of all ages, particularly if you feel that your child’s interest in books has […]

Book Review: The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Tweet A man named Jack murders Bod’s family when Bod is just a toddler. Bod toddled to escape unaware he was escaping or that he was toddling into a graveyard, where the permanent occupants decide to raise him with the help of a guardian who can come and go and bring food and clothing. As […]

Author Claudia Mills Talks About Crafting a Three-Dimensional Mother-Daughter Relationship

Tweet As part of the blog tour for Claudia Mills and her new book Zero Tolerance, the author is sharing her thoughts on the mother-daughter relationship in her book. Mills’s  insight about her characters is relevant to real mothers and their daughters as well. Zero Tolerance is a great choice for mother-daughter book club readers […]

Book Review and Giveaway: The Clover Tree by Kimberly Foster

Tweet Occasionally I accept guest reviews, and I recently received several from moms talking about a book for teens called The Clover Tree by Kimberly Foster. I’m featuring those reviews, along with an offer by Foster to give away 5 autographed copies of The Clover Tree to readers at Mother Daughter Book Club. com. Here’s […]

Book Club Bookmarks Can Be Treasures to Keep

Tweet Many mother-daughter book clubs I have been in touch with like to do crafts before they sit down to talk about the book they have read. While some change up their crafts for every meeting and match it to something in the book, others make a bookmark each time. Inspired by something in the […]

Encouraging Girls to Speak Up, Moms to Listen

Tweet Not long ago a book-club mom wrote in with a question about an issue that came up in one of my book clubs and many others I have heard of. She said a difficulty she had encountered was “when the mothers are present, the girls seem apprehensive to join in the discussion for fear […]

Book Club Goes Out With a Bang With Author April Henry

Tweet My daughter Catherine and I held our last official book club meeting a week ago. The girls are recent high school graduates headed off to college this fall, and while we hope to get together again each summer, we won’t be having regular meetings anymore. What started out nine years ago with six moms […]

Start a Book Club During National Family Literacy Month, Win a Copy of Book by Book to Help You Start

Tweet Today is National Family Literacy day, the start of a whole month devoted to families reading together. To celebrate, I’ll be giving away one copy each week of my guidebook, Book by Book: The Complete Guide to Creating Mother-Daughter Book Clubs. While Book by Book is geared to book clubs made up of moms […]

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