Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

If your book club is one of the many that may be getting together to exchange gifts over the soon-to-come holidays, you may be looking to find just the right thing to wrap up and bring to your meeting. New products for book lovers have joined some old favorites to make it easier than ever to get your shopping done early. Here are a few ideas to consider (and just so you’ll know, I have no connection to any of these companies and don’t benefit in any way from suggesting you check them out):

Book Lovers Calendar—This oversized calendar features lots of big spaces to fill in events, including book club meetings, all throughout 2011. Authors’ birthdays, literary events in history and more make fun reading on its own. You’ll also find totes, coffee mugs, t-shirts and a few other book-related items on the site. A portion of the sale of each calendar is donated to First Book, the organization that gives books to children in need.

Novel Teas—For tea lovers, Bag Ladies Tea offers a line of black teas featuring literary quotes on each tea-bag tag. These are available to buy in single pouches, if you want to give everyone in your book club one, and in boxes of 25.

Postertext—These posters feature the entire text of a favorite book inscribed around an image that goes along with the title. For instance, the Peter Pan poster arranges words around the image of Peter fighting Captain Hook.

Book Club Appetizer or Dessert Plates—This could be a fun way for your group to start off discussions each time you meet. Each plate in the set of four has a different question.

Book Earrings—When my daughter got a pair of these earrings from a friend she was ridiculously happy. Now she wears them whenever she’s in a bookish mood. The company also offers necklaces, hair sticks, and books for dollhouses.

Book Jewelry—Choose from a selection of pre-made bookmarks that will dress up any book, or design one of your own.

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  1. Susanbright says:

    What a great idea. Our book club has never exchanged gifts, however it sounds like so much fun. I think I am going to suggest a gift exchange for our December meeting!

  2. admin says:

    Another fun idea for an exchange is to pull names for book club members, then look at your book shelf to see which of your own non-book-club favorites would work for the person you’re giving to. It’s an interesting way to think about your own reading and it fits in with others in your club. Of course, if you don’t want to part with your own copy of a certain book, you can always get a new one to give away.

  3. Denise says:

    Great ideas (as always), Cindy! Thanks. I love the earrings!

  4. Brad Wirz says:

    Great ideas! Finding gifts for readers and book lovers can be so difficult. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as “book jewelry”! Thanks for posting… just in time for holiday shopping!

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